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Revelation Part 2: Revelations of Victory

Credits: 20
Credits: 20

Big Idea — This series focuses on the prophetic themes of the Book of Revelation and offers an understanding of the impact foretold events will have on the world at large and in the lives of Apostolic believers.

• Week 1 — The Great Tribulation
Unprecedented trouble is coming, but these events are all a part of God’s divine plan. We can know there is an escape from these events. We have been called to help others escape too.

• Week 2 — The One-World System
In the wake of global catastrophe, Satan and his disciples will take temporary control, but the system they build cannot last. We face a choice: will we try to save the world, or will we try to save people out of this world?

• Week 3 — The Return of the King
When all seems lost, Jesus will return, defeat Satan’s followers and kingdom, and establish an earthly government in Jerusalem. The choices and sacrifices we make now prepare us to rule and reign with Jesus in His earthly kingdom.

• Week 4 — The New Heaven and the New Earth
Jesus will win one final battle, where Satan, Hell, and sin are vanquished. All things will be set right, and eternity will begin with a new Heaven, a new Earth, and a New Jerusalem. We have been created and saved for an unimaginable eternity with our Savior, Jesus Christ.