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About LINK247

The mission before student pastors, youth workers, and Hyphen leaders never ends. You must be continuously connecting with your group and, in turn, connecting them to God and His Word. To make this task easier, the UPCI Youth Ministries and Pentecostal Publishing House partnered to create a digital, downloadable curriculum called LINK247 that is accessible anytime from anywhere. LINK247 equips you to build relationships with your group and instill the principles of God’s Word through teaching and small group ministry.

LINK247 is biblically based and distinctly Apostolic. Each series includes four lessons written by leading student pastors and Hyphen leaders from across North America as well as a complete graphics package so you can use video and images to connect with your group and promote upcoming series.

Materials are available for the Youth level (ages 12-18) and for the Hyphen level (ages 19-30). LINK247 is the only ongoing Apostolic curriculum for Hyphen, and these series promote engaging discussion leaders can facilitate in a small-group setting.

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