example LINK247 contentLINK247 is biblical.
Each LINK247 teaching series is based in a biblical principle and supports that principle with Scripture. LINK247 lessons are written by leading student workers from all over North America so the content is distinctly Apostolic.



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LINK247 is comprehensive.
LINK247 curriculum is guided by a scope developed before the first lesson was written. This ensures students are taught important themes throughout the year. Click here to see the LINK247 scope. Each LINK247 series provides you with everything you need to lead a captivating session for your students: fully customizable teaching scripts, a full graphics package for each series, motion graphics and/or video clips, and more. And the material is scalable for use in multiple teaching settings including Sunday school, youth service, mid-week Bible study, and small group meetings.



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LINK247 is relevant.
Because LINK247 is written by active student workers, each series is culturally relevant and age appropriate. Additionally, because LINK247 offers two levels, your entire student group is covered. LINK 247 Student is written with middle school and high school options, and LINK247 Hyphen is specifically designed for college-age students.

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