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Prayer - Student

Credits: 20
Credits: 20

Big Idea — It is easy rely on the prayers of others without realizing the importance of prayer in our own life. This Link247 series explores the power of prayer as one of the most basic building blocks of who we are as Christians and gives students the tools to cultivate a secret place of prayer.

• Week 1 — What Prayer
Is We must recognize that we exist because of God, and we must discover the new life and purpose He has given to us.

• Week 2 — Why We Pray
It is one thing to know what prayer is, but we must also understand why we pray and what prayer can accomplish.

• Week 3 — How to Pray
With a commitment to practice, we can build strong prayer lives.

• Week 4 — Results of Prayer
Faithfully following our commitment to prayer results in experiencing God’s supernatural intervention, but the ultimate benefit of prayer is knowing that God always hears us and will meet with us when we pray.