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Superhuman - Youth

Credits: 20
Credits: 20

Big Idea — God gave Samson superhuman strength, and yet Samson had a super weakness: his character. In this series we will discover that ability without character is a recipe for destruction, but godly character is the foundation for doing exploits.

• Week 1 — Oh, the Places You’ll Go

Our character is often molded by our surroundings. Samson consistently placed himself in locations and situations that challenged his commitment to God. We must position ourselves in an environment that contributes to godly character development.

• Week 2 — Relationship Goals

Relationships have a major impact on our character. This lesson explores how the people Samson associated with pushed him away from his calling and how we should build relationships that help us pursue God’s purpose for our lives.

• Week 3 — Decisions, Decisions

Samson did not waste his life overnight, but by one choice at a time. In this lesson we will learn from Samson how decision making is crucial to developing or destroying our character.

• Week 4 — Cause and Effect

After years of wrong places, people, and choices, Samson’s life had reached its conclusion. The Lord’s hand was on Samson until his last breath, but his lack of character cost him greatly. In this lesson we will learn that when we choose a behavior, we choose a consequence.