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Unwrapping Christmas - Student

Credits: 20
Credits: 20

Big Idea — In our culture, the essence of Christmas is often lost flurry of materialism and frivolity. For many, Christmas is a time to burn through cash, throw parties, and make detailed wish lists. This Link247 series is designed to help students unwrap God’s purpose for the Christmas season.   

• Week 1 — Too Good to Be Regifted
The greatest Christmas gift will ever receive is God’s oer of salvation through the New Covenant He has established with humanity.

• Week 2 — Courageous and Committed: A Message from the First Christmas
Christmas Past sends a message to Christmas Present: you are chosen by God and are called to be courageous and committed. 

• Week 3 — Don’t Give Jesus the White Elephant Gift
Christmas is the only birthday party where the guest of honor is routinely ignored. How can you make sure Jesus is not left out of your Christmas celebration? 

• Week 4 — Hold Off the Holi-Daze
You can honor God and avoid the holiday blues by choosing to have a meaningful, Christ-centered Christmas season.