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Unashamed - Student

Credits: 20
Credits: 20

Big Idea — The adolescent journey to become the man or woman we will be for the rest of our lives can be daunting, a quest that can cause us to question the very core of our beliefs. Paul cautioned us that whose we are is more important than who we are. If we are able to grasp that concept, we may truly stand unashamed in the face of life’s storms. This lesson series explores four important decisions every student needs to make if he or she is to stand unashamed of Jesus Christ.

• Week 1 — Unashamed of the Gospel
This lesson reinforces the gospel message and the importance of being sold out to that message.

• Week 2 — Unashamed to Hope
Negative things happen in our lives beyond our control. However, Paul stated that the ultimate purpose of trials is to make us firm in our convictions. This lesson explores the power of hope and the ways that trials develop our hope.

• Week 3 — Unashamed to Suffer
Christianity does not eliminate suffering; in fact, sometimes we will suffer simply because we are Christians. This lesson will explore the importance of standing firm in the midst of suffering and allowing ourselves to see the greater purpose of the pain we experience for the sake of the gospel.

• Week 4 — Unashamed of My Fellow Believers
When our fellow believers are facing difficult times, they often need more than a simple prayer; they need to feel reassured that we are standing arm-in-arm with them. In this lesson, we will explore the importance of being a support system to other Christians who are facing difficult situations.