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The Path To Thanksgiving - Student

Credits: 20
Credits: 20

Big Idea — Today’s generation is often viewed as unthankful and are part of a culture always reaching for more—more money, more friends, more power, more attention, more stuff. This Link247 series is designed to teach young adults there are many paths to thanksgiving, and it is possible to please God with a spirit of humility in the midst of a materialistic generation full of strife.  

• Week 1 The Path of Praise
The path of praise leads to thanksgiving. In the Bible, people used praise to express thanksgiving. We can use praise to show our thankfulness to God and to cultivate a thankful spirit.

• Week 2 The Path of Sacrifice
The path of Sacrifice, commitment, and integrity leads to thankfulness.

• Week 3 The Path of Circumstance
For Christians, every circumstance is a path that leads to thanksgiving. In the Bible, people expressed thanksgiving during every circumstance.

• Week 4 The Path of Christianity
The Christian path of life leads to thankfulness.