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The Church in Action - Student

Credits: 20
Credits: 20

Big Idea — Pentecost is more than a first-century phenomenon; it is the blueprint of God’s intention for the twenty-first-century church as well! The early church took their experience in Jerusalem and spread it throughout their world. That growing process can spring today’s church into action in our communities as well!

• Week 1 — Forming: Pentecost Comes
Calvary wouldn’t have mattered without Pentecost! The day the Spirit was poured out in Acts 2 was the day the church was born. The promise when Jesus ascended was finally come.

• Week 2 — Storming: Complications of Revival
It did not take long before adversity came against the early church, but the way the first-century church dealt with opposition can direct us when facing adversity in contemporary times.

• Week 3 — Reforming: Organizing for Impact
The church experienced explosive growth and weathered storms by putting systems and structures in place that would help them facilitate a worldwide impact. We can learn from them for the twenty-first century.

• Week 4 — Performing: Putting the Mission in Motion
Once the church was organized, they spread their message far beyond their surrounding area as part of their commission to preach the gospel to every nation. We can use those same principles to reach our world today.