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The Call - Student

Credits: 20
Credits: 20

Big Idea — Students often feel hesitant and overwhelmed by the responsibility of witnessing. It is vital to establish confidence; students need to know and believe that they have the answer to the world’s problems. They have a voice created to speak for truth. This series will answer students’ questions about evangelism, apply Scripture to today’s context, and provide guidance on practical ways to reach others. 

• Week 1 — No Service
The First steps in successful witnessing are establishing a prayer life and cultivating a close friend-ship with God.

• Week 2 -There’s an App For That
Witnessing means you must connect to your friends’ point of need.

• Week 3 — Unknown Caller
Witnesses must confidently maintain their identity in God.

• Week 4 — Charged
A witness is charged and ready to take action.