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A Case for the Bible - Student

Credits: 20
Credits: 20

Big Idea — Today’s generation is bombarded with anti-Christian worldviews in the name of education, through the media, and sometimes even at home. Is the Bible true? Should we live by its principles? How can we apply its truths to our lives? This Link247 series explores these questions and encourages students to make the Bible their guidebook for life.   

• Week 1 — Canon
God ordained the sixty-six books of the Canon serve as a guide for His people.

• Week 2 — Authenticity
The Bible is God’s authentic Word.

• Week 3 — History
We have access to God’s Word because of the sacrifices of others.  

• Week 4 — Application
It is not enough to know all about the Bible; we must also apply its truths to our lives.