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Purpose - Student

Credits: 20
Credits: 20

Big Idea — As we set out on a quest to discover who we really are, we can get caught up in our culture’s ever-changing priorities and lose ourselves in this present world. This Link247 series is designed to give students the tools needed to overcome cultural pressure and find their identity in Jesus Christ.

• Week 1 — Who Are You?
We should embark on the journey to discover the purposeful new life Jesus Christ has given us.

• Week 2 — Why Are You Here?
We must be aware of our purpose in this life and how that new-found purpose fits into His big picture.

• Week 3 — Where Are You Going?
In our journey with Jesus Christ, we can get caught up in wrong things or in insignificant drama.We must remember the real reason for the journey and where He’s called us to go.

• Week 4 — What Are You Waiting For?
We can find confidence in our identity, purpose, and direction from God to overcome our insecurities.