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Plugged In - Youth

Credits: 20
Credits: 20

Big Idea — Just as our digital devices will run out of power if they’re not plugged, we too must plug in to our spiritual power source—the Spirit of God. This series studies a key way to plug in: praise and worship.

• Week 1 — Plugged In to Praise

Praise is a physical expression of our desire to be spiritually connected to Jesus. In this lesson we will explore the value of praise, as well as appropriate and scriptural ways to express our praise.

• Week 2 — Plugged In to Sacrifice

Praise can be merely on the surface. After all, we can praise movie stars and football players. The transitional point between praise and worship is sacrifice, which we will study in this lesson.

• Week 3 — Plugged In to Worship

In this lesson we will explore worship more deeply and how it draws us deeper spiritually.

• Week 4 — Plugged In through Pain

Many times in Scripture people praised and worshiped while going through intense trials. This lesson examines praise and worship as functions of relationship that ground us spiritually in times of pain.