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More Than A Christmas Song -Student

Credits: 20
Credits: 20

Big Idea — Many timeless, traditional Christmas songs are full of insight into the meaning of the season and the reason we celebrate. Have we ever stopped to consider what they are saying to us? This lesson series will do just that, as we use well-loved Christmas hymns to explore ways we can tap into the significance of this time of year.

• Week 1 — What Child Is This?
The Jews had pages and pages, books upon books of prophecy concerning their soon-coming Messiah. Any faithful attendants to the Temple would have been well aware of the details of Jesus’ birth. Yet, in all of this, they somehow missed Him because He didn’t come in the way they expected. This lesson demonstrates how we can actually make the same mistake in our walk with God.

• Week 2 — O Come, All Ye Faithful
The knowledge that Jesus is, in fact, our Savior, and that He was born to set us free, ought to bring praise out of us! However, in the Christmas season, it’s easy to find ourselves absorbed in the business and busyness of the holiday instead. This lesson details particular ways we can show Him praise, specifically in the Christmas season.

• Week 3 — We Three Kings
The wise men brought three gifts to Jesus: gold, frankincense, and myrrh. These were not just random gifts; they carried significance. This lesson explores these three gifts, unlocking the mystery of what one can offer the King who owns everything.

• Week 4 — Go, Tell It on the Mountain
It’s not just enough to know Jesus and celebrate Him in the Christmas season. Christmas creates a unique opportunity for us to share the good news of the salvation message with others around us. This lesson discusses the importance of sharing our faith, specifically in the Christmas season.