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Heart Beat - Student

Credits: 20
Credits: 20

Big IdeaThe heartbeat of God is people who are hurting.  Our goal in this series is to challenge the hearts of students to match the heartbeat of heaven.

Lesson 1 - Hearing the Heartbeat

We are surrounded by hurting people. This week we will go beyond our own needs and work together, despite the obstacles, to bring the hurting people in our world to Jesus Christ.

Lesson 2 - What Do You See

In order to have the heartbeat of God we must begin to see people the way Jesus sees people. He does not see their problem; He sees their potential.

Lesson 3 - My Story

Everyone has a story. You have a story of what God has done in your life. Being a witness to others is not complicated. One of the most powerful ways you can be a witness to others is by telling your story.

Lesson 4 - Show and Tell

We are called to imitate Jesus Christ by showing others love and telling them truth.