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Glory - Youth Week Series


Big Idea — What is the glory of God? Is it in a cloud? Is it above the heavens? Does it stay in one place or is it mobile? Can it be seen, felt, heard, or even explained? The answers to these questions are mere glimpses into the glorious nature of God revealed in Jesus Christ.

This series of lessons reinforces the 2023 North American Youth Congress theme: Glory.

Week 1 — Show Me Your Glory
Our desire for a deeper relationship with God is an essential piece of the Christian faith. In this lesson we will look at the nation of Israel, who experienced God’s glory in visible ways.

Week 2 — Behold His Glory
A sharper glimpse into God’s glory is revealed in the work and saving ministry of Jesus Christ. He is the radiance of the glory of God. The purpose of reflecting on God’s glory is to be transformed to be more like Him.

Week 3 — I Give Him Glory
Our very existence is a testament to God’s glory. Still, our lifestyle can further reflect the glory of God in ways that draw others to Him.

Week 4 — Counterfeit Glory
Creation reveals the glory of the Creator, for it is the finished product of the Creator’s design for us to see. Humanity has been gifted with creative power. This lesson serves as a caution to the dangers of using that power for our own glory.