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Datebusters - Youth

Credits: 20
Credits: 20

Big Idea — Relationships are a key part of our lives, and many myths that teens embrace about dating simply aren’t true. Busting these myths about dating relationships can help us make good decisions for building meaningful, healthy relationships.

• Week 1 — Dating Myth #1: If You Aren’t Dating, You’re Weird

Peers, media, and various voices in our society sometimes try to convince us that “everyone is dating” and if we aren’t dating someone, there is something wrong with us. In this lesson, we’ll instead discover the value God places on each of us for who we are as an individual.

• Week 2 — Dating Myth #2: Dating Is about Finding “The One”

Genuine relationships are built not on finding “the one,” but both people working to be the ones Jesus is calling them to be.

• Week 3 — Dating Myth #3: Date Early and Date Often

Waiting to date until we’re mature enough for a relationship and being selective about who we date will help ensure we build healthy, meaningful connections.

• Week 4 — Dating Myth #4: Holding Hands Leads to Holding Hearts

The healthiest relationships come from pursuing genuine personal connection rather than physical connection.