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Chosen - Student

Credits: 20
Credits: 20

Big Idea — The greatest story ever told is that God became flesh—“God with us”—to provide salvation. Born into the humblest of circumstances for the noblest of purposes, Jesus Christ impacted those who were the first to encounter Him, revealing how He can change us as we encounter Him today.

• Week 1 —Mary
When we magnify God instead of placing the focus upon our own perception of our problems, God can fulfill His will in our lives.

• Week 2 — Joseph
A life lived on biblical principles will always prove to be the best life from the perspective of eternity.

• Week 3 — The Shepherds
God loves all people so much He made salvation and peace available to everyone on earth, not just those society deems valuable.

• Week 4 — The Wise Men
We should give God our best gifts.