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Authentic - Youth

Credits: 20
Credits: 20

Big Idea — Esther’s authenticity in pursuing holiness, walking by faith, and stepping out in boldness demonstrates that through God, we can stand victorious in the middle of uncertain circumstances.

• Week 1 — Authentic Holiness
Esther could have compromised her convictions, but instead she chose to stay true to herself. In this lesson we will examine how a pursuit of authentic holiness gives us the strength to say no to the world’s culture.

• Week 2 — Authentic Righteousness
Just as Mordecai refused to bow to Haman because of his convictions, we are to embrace God’s standard of righteousness for our lives.

• Week 3 — Authentic Faith
Esther decided to place her trust in the leading of God’s Spirit rather than her own wisdom. In this lesson we will examine what it means to authentically demonstrate our faith in God.

• Week 4 — Authentic Boldness
Just as Esther chose to take a stand, we can demonstrate that same boldness in difficult circumstances.