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A Decorated Life - Youth

Credits: 20
Credits: 20

Big Idea — Since a fitly decorated life is valuable to God (I Peter 3:4), we must make a commitment to decorate our inner selves.

• Week 1 — A Decorated Life
Unlike the decorations of this world, where the biggest and brightest often gain the most attention, a humble spirit secures the attention of the only one who matters: Jesus Christ.

• Week 2 — Courageous and Committed
The wise men endured obstacles to get to Jesus—distance, hardship, and then Herod, the king who wanted to kill Jesus. Yet they pushed past every obstacle and were willing to search until they found Jesus.

• Week 3 — Comprehending the Light
In the hustle and bustle, the commercialization, and the legend of this season, people no longer comprehend that Jesus was born for us. We must help people understand the Christmas story is really each person’s story.

• Week 4 — It All Led to Jesus
Matthew began the story of Jesus with a genealogy, reminding us that each person, in his or her own unique time and circumstance, led to Jesus. Wherever we find ourselves, God’s will is for us to be led to Him.