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youth week

ASCEND The Mountains That Made Me

Big Idea — This series will focus on the various mountain experiences that shaped Moses’ walk with God and his development as a Christian and a leader.

• Week 1 — Mount Horeb: The Burning Bush We all must have a personal burning-bush experience and learn the fundamentals to being used by God.

• Week 2 — Mount Sinai: Moses’ Experience with God People who choose to meet God and spend time in His presence will be changed by those experiences and become agents of change among God’s people.

Superhuman - Youth

Big Idea — God gave Samson superhuman strength, and yet Samson had a super weakness: his character. In this series we will discover that ability without character is a recipe for destruction, but godly character is the foundation for doing exploits.

• Week 1 — Oh, the Places You’ll Go

Our character is often molded by our surroundings. Samson consistently placed himself in locations and situations that challenged his commitment to God. We must position ourselves in an environment that contributes to godly character development.

Thy Kingdom Come - Youth

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Big Idea — Jesus began His ministry on earth by proclaiming the coming of the kingdom of Heaven. To enter the Kingdom now and in eternity, the Kingdom must come in and flow out of an available vessel. This series focuses on the elements of the Kingdom and how anyone who desires it can be a vessel for the glory, power, and authority of God.

• Week 1 — Thy Kingdom Come

That Good Thing - Youth

Big Idea — This series focuses on the highlights and lowlights of two sisters, Mary and Martha, in Luke 10 and brings a balance between our work for God and our walk with Him.

• Week 1 — Mary, Mary, Mary
Our highest calling is to follow Mary’s lead and walk with God.

• Week 2 — Martha, Martha, Martha
We are called to work for God using the gifts He has given us.

• Week 3 — One without the Other
A Mary without a Martha or a Martha without a Mary—this is not God’s plan.

This Is That - Student

Big Idea — The events of the Book of Acts were the fulfillment of Old Testament prophecies, many of which continue to be fulfilled in the present day. This series will identify four of those Old Testament prophecies, explore how they were fulfilled in the Book of Acts, and challenge students to act on those prophetic promises in their daily lives.

The Shepherd King

Big Idea — From lowly shepherd to powerful king,
David serves as an example of a life journey that begins with establishing a relationship with God and culminates in actively fulfilling God’s kingdom purposes. This series calls students to build a personal relationship with God, be faithful during seasons of waiting, move forward in God’s grace after mistakes, and embrace a lifestyle of worship.

Calling All Dreamers - Student

Big Idea — God gives us dreams and callings, but they don’t always come together easily. In this series we will examine the life of Joseph as we learn how to embrace, pursue, never doubt, and eventually experience God’s purpose in our lives.

Rhythm - Student

Big Idea — Just like a song, our lives are made up of many different elements. The consistent factor that ties all variables together is the rhythm. We were created by God, the composer of our lives; therefore, the consistent rhythm in our lives is, “His mercy endureth forever.”   

• Week 1 - The Composer: Sovereignty
When we follow and are submitted to God, He will order each moment of our lives. Because each detail of our lives is under the rule and reign of God, we are to give thanks to Him for His sovereignty in our lives.