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Credits: 20
Credits: 20

Big Idea — In a world of text messages, Facebook, and artificial cyber relationships the idea of love for one another has been diluted. With bonds only made to further agendas and commitment a shell of its former meaning, it is crucial that we get back to what Jesus considered the Christian trademark. This LINK 247 series is designed to draw young adults into a deeper understanding of the nature of God’s love and how He expects us to show it.

• Lesson 1 — Christ’s Bucket List
Love is not self-serving; rather it is humble, seeking only to serve others.

• Lesson 2 — Love Is Dedicated
In a world with so many fair weather friends we are called to a deep dedication of love and commitment to Christ and one another.

• Lesson 3 — Love Is Relationship
Without a deep, dedicated relationship with Christ we cannot show true love.

• Lesson 4 — Love Is Sacrifice
True love requires sacrificial commitment.