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The Voice Of God -Hyphen

Credits: 20
Credits: 20

Big Idea — Accessing the voice of God sounds easy enough. However, how many of us have a plan in place to daily pursue God’s voice? Have we overcomplicated it as something mysterious for only a select few? This series focuses on finding God’s voice on a personal level.

• Week 1 — Listening for His Voice
Time in prayer and in God’s living Word can help us access His voice on a very personal level.

• Week 2 — Following His Voice
To follow God, we must prioritize His voice over the voices of society that would tempt us to follow spiritually destructive trends.

• Week 3 — Making Room for His Voice
Narcissism can keep us from hearing God’s voice because we become too focused on ourselves and push God out; humility modeled after Jesus aligns us to hear from Him.

• Week 4 — Finding Purpose from His Voice
When we learn to hear God’s voice, He can direct us with purpose.