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The Great I Am - Hyphen

Credits: 20
Credits: 20

Big Idea — God wants to play a personal role in our lives. This series will study God’s nature and how He works in our lives as Creator, Redeemer, Comforter, and a love like no other.

• Week 1 — Who Is God?
God is the Alpha and Omega, Creator of all things. This lesson will focus on God’s majestic creativity and how He revealed Himself in the Old Testament.

• Week 2 — Son of God and Redeemer
When Adam and Eve sinned, it separated humanity from perfect communion with God. Jesus, God in the flesh, died on the cross and His blood atoned for sin. In His unconditional love, Jesus became the salvation of humanity.

• Week 3 — God’s Plan Fulfilled
When Jesus took His last breath, the physical temple veil was torn. This signified the beginning of God’s new approach and new covenant with humanity.

• Week 4 — Relationship Goals
While God has always been and will always be the God of the universe, creation, and of divine redemption, He is also the God who made you and longs to be with you every day. It is His pleasure to bless, comfort, and give you rest for your weary soul.