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Pitfalls - Hyphen

Credits: 20
Credits: 20

Big Idea — Rehoboam was given an opportunity to build upon the royal legacy of both Solomon and David as the new ruler of Israel. Instead, his decisions led to a divided kingdom and the destruction of his own soul. In this series, we will examine what caused Rehoboam to fail and how to avoid those same pitfalls along our own journey to achieve our purpose in the kingdom of God.

• Lesson 1 — Heritage over Relationship
We may find ourselves Apostolic by religious heritage but not first-hand experience. This lesson reinforces the significance of a genuine relationship with God.

• Lesson 2 — The Counsel of Friends over the Wisdom of Elders
Rehoboam first sought the council of his elders; however, because they did not tell him what he wanted to hear, he sought the council of friends. This lesson explores the significance of accountability as well as the importance of placing faith in appointed elders instead of reliance upon the advice of those who seek to simply affirm our own desires.

• Lesson 3 — Self-Confidence over God-Confidence
Rehoboam took pride in a kingdom that was physically strong, yet spiritually bankrupt. Too often, we are more confident in our own ability than we are in God. This lesson emphasizes the importance of reliance upon God rather than our own human ability.

• Lesson 4 — Altered Worship over Altar Worship
Rehoboam chose to worship in his own manner. Instead of coming before the altar of God to worship, he altered his worship in praise to idols. This lesson discusses the sacredness of worship, outlining principles for genuine worship.