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Once Upon A Time - Hyphen

Credits: 20
Credits: 20

Big Idea — Possibly the second most important decision young adults will make is concerning their relationship
with someone of the opposite sex. This Link247 series takes a look at relationships through the lens
of the Bible and challenges young adults to make sage decisions about their romantic relationships.

• Week 1 — Trust, You Gotta Have It
To have close friends and especially a true spouse, we must trust.

• Week 2 — Dating against the Norm
I should intentionally apply scriptural principles to my dating habits.

• Week 3 — Staying Sexually Pure in a Sex-Crazed World
Sex is a beautiful thing within the right context.

• Week 4 — Marriage God’s Way
The world’s philosophy has cheapened and misused the idea of marriage. This was the first institution ever formed, and God did it.