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Launch - Navigating Life's Transitions - Hyphen

Credits: 20
Credits: 20

Big Idea — Change is inevitable and unavoidable. By exploring God’s process of seasons, this series will equip you with the necessary tools and biblical insight to navigate transitions specific to young adult life.

• Week 1 — The Reason for Seasons
Seasons of life come and go; understanding their purposes makes the difference between stagnation or growth and between acceptance or bitterness.

• Week 2 — I Have to Adult Today?
Education, jobs, church responsibilities, family obligations, and physical health—they all are necessary in living a successful life. This lesson deals with how to effectively handle them and deal with the changes they bring.

• Week 3 — My Wicked Heart
Popular culture teaches us to follow our heart, but our heart will lead us astray. Instead, we should follow God’s Word and His plan throughout the difficult transitions and decisions that must be made as we move into adulthood.

• Week 4 — Revived through Relationship
Through life’s transitions, it is easy to find ourselves in stagnant places. Maintaining a healthy relationship with Jesus is the solution to revive us out of spiritual dryness.