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Jonah - Hyphen

Credits: 20
Credits: 20

Big Idea — Jonah’s calling, his resistance to it, and eventual fulfillment of it offers lessons on examining our life’s direction, how we view life’s situations, motivation to find a place of repentance, and examples of how God loves differently than we do. Open your heart to God’s direction and His mercy as we look at lessons from the Book of Jonah.

Lesson 1 — Wrong-Way Runners
God gives great direction in life; follow it.

Lesson 2 — What’s Eating You?
Our craziest situations may be the very thing shaping something great in us.

Lesson 3 — Give Me a “Second”
Repentance brings a second chance, and a repentant heart is irresistible to God.

Lesson 4 — Mad at Mercy
God loves differently than we do.