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Jailbroken - Hyphen

Credits: 20
Credits: 20

Big Idea — Just as a jailbroken electronic device has been unlocked to do things it shouldn’t be able to, we too have been empowered by God to do what we shouldn’t be able to: live a free and redeemed life. The Book of Philemon shows us how to be free and live in community with others.

• Week 1 — A Lesson in Love

The Book of Philemon introduces a biblical approach to brotherly love and equality.

• Week 2 — A Lesson in Bondage

In the Book of Philemon, Paul shared insights into the lessons he learned in his own bondage. Through Paul’s insight, we can better understand the problem of sin, as well as how to live saved by His grace.

• Week 3 — A Lesson in Change

The example of Onesimus proves Jesus’ power to change anyone who believes in Him. Through repentance we invite God’s miraculous power to change us again and again, making us more like Him.

• Week 4 — A Lesson in Fellowship

Because we have been transformed by God’s grace, we get to participate in God’s community of believers, the church, and be part of God’s mission to transform the lives of others.