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Into The Depths - Hyphen

Credits: 20
Credits: 20

Big Idea — The Book of Jonah is a fascinating book with much to say about how God relates to a broken world. God is intensely concerned with the brokenness that is in our world and in our hearts. Go into the depths with Jonah; discover a God of incredible love and forgiveness, a God who is present in the darkest places of our world and our hearts. Be challenged to become the kind of person who brings this love and forgiveness into those depths.

• Week 1 — Into the Darkness
God is not afraid of the dark places in our world, in our homes, or in our hearts; He is willing to go there with us.

• Week 2 — Into the Why
It’s easy to wonder why we go through the various storms of life; however, it is often the storm that is our deliverance.

• Week 3 — Into the Depths of Forgiveness
Humanity has always had a great capacity for destruction, but we have yet to exhaust the depths of God’s forgiveness.

• Week 4 — Into His Grace
Living in relationship with God is about being the kind of person who reflects His extravagant love to every aspect of His creation.