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Gifted - Hyphen

Credits: 20
Credits: 20

Big Idea — God has given each of us spiritual gifts. These gifts, whether supernatural or common, are meant to protect, unify, and edify the church; glorify God; and help us be more effective in building up the kingdom of God.

• Week 1 — Unwrapping the Gift
This lesson will give an overview of spiritual gifts, emphasizing their purpose and our responsibility to use them in the context of love.

• Week 2 — The Supernatural Gifts, Part 1
This lesson presents a hands-on exploration of the gifts of the Spirit including the discerning and speaking gifts—gifts we can put in practice in our lives.

• Week 3 — The Supernatural Gifts, Part 2
This lesson will continue our hands-on exploration of the gifts of the Spirit with discussion of the “to act” gifts, emphasizing that the gifts are intended for use in the church today.

• Week 4 — The Common Gifts
This lesson will examine the common gifts, emphasizing that God is the source of all the good we do and that we must choose to foster the right attitude.