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Everyone Wants To Go To Heaven - Hyphen

Credits: 20
Credits: 20

Big Idea — The path to Heaven has been debated by Christians for thousands of years, and yet there are so many differing views. Can they all be right? In this series, we will explore God’s Word for His plan for salvation and learn what it means to be saved.

• Week 1 — What Is Sin?
In every situation in life, there are really only two choices: right and wrong. We must reject sin and surrender in God’s presence to embrace the plan He has for us.

• Week 2 — What Is Repentance?
Saying we’re sorry is never easy. However, our relationship with God actually hinges on this very topic. Repentance is necessary for salvation, and it means we have to say we’re sorry for our sins and commit to change.

• Week 3 — What Is Baptism?
Baptism washes away our sin so that we can live in the liberty of new life.

• Week 4 — What Is the Holy Ghost?
The Holy Ghost is a gift from God—the promise from Scripture of God’s Spirit living inside of us.