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Complications of the Soul - Hyphen

Credits: 20
Credits: 20

Big Idea — The Bible frequently addresses issues of the soul. Throughout this series, we will examine different areas of emotional health in the context of Scripture and explore biblical solutions for general human problems.

• Lesson 1 — Healing for Broken Hearts
We all experience heartbreak—disappointment, sadness, and depression—at some point in our lives. The Bible tells us God is close to us during times of heartbreak, and He heals broken hearts.

• Lesson 2 — God’s Plan for Managing Anger
We all experience anger—the emotional whirlwind of confusion, frustration, self-preservation, and other emotions. The Bible tells us it is okay to be angry, but we should not allow anger to control us or to get a stronghold in our spirit.

• Lesson 3 — The #1 Anti-Anxiety: Jesus
We all experience anxiety (fear and worry), sometimes letting it get out of hand, but Jesus is the Prince of Peace who came to take all of our fear and worry. He is the ultimate anti-anxiety!

• Lesson 4 — Joy: The Best Medicine
The Holy Ghost brings spiritual joy that transcends any earthly happiness.