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Beyond The Box - Hyphen

Credits: 20
Credits: 20

Big Idea — This Link247 series is designed to challenge and prepare young adults to live the missional life exampled by the apostles in the Book of Acts. We will discover that the mission of the church is fulfilled when we crucify our personal paradigms, pursue the empowerment and leading of the Spirit, and live as witnesses of the gospel in our world.

• Week 1 — The Box
God’s mission for our lives is often far greater than we can envision in our limited human

• Week 2 — The Mission
Every young adult is commanded and empowered to live as witnesses of the gospel in his or
her world.

• Week 3 — The Message
Young adults are called to preach the gospel, and creatively communicating this message will
work in any context.

• Week 4 — The Motivation
God will graciously allow paradigm crashes to motivate us to move beyond our limited paradigms and into His will. What first may be seen as a limitation can actually serve to lead us beyond the box into a new reality that He has for us.