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Beautiful Things - Hyphen

Credits: 20
Credits: 20

Big Idea — For a generation that derives its worth from societal perception and pop-culture standards, it can be easy to be misinformed about how truly beautiful and valuable you as an individual are in the kingdom of God. We are God’s creation and who better to assign us value and derive our identity from than Him. This Link247 series can help students understand the importance of being themselves and deriving their identity from God, can help validate their giftings, and can help them see their value through God’s eyes.

• Week 1 — Be Who You Are
You were made for a specific purpose, with intention in mind. You are God’s creation and who better to assign you value and derive your identity from than Him?

• Week 2 — Your Identity Is Found In God
While others may label you, your identity is found in God.

• Week 3 — Your Gifts Matter
God has given you incredible gifts. The question is, are you using them or are you hiding them in the sand. You are needed and your gifts matter.

• Week 4 — You Are Valuable
God created you in His image and bought you with His own blood on Calvary. What can you do to serve Him?