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All I Want For Christmas Is... - Hyphen

Credits: 20
Credits: 20

Big Idea — To communicate to young adults that in the midst of the Christmas season, God has unique
gifts for us that we can open if we desire. All I want for Christmas is . . . what God has for me. This Link247
series is crafted to awaken young adults to the timeless principles that can be found in the birth of Christ.

Week 1 — Miracles in Our Midst
God is working miracles in our midst, even when we cannot see them.

Week 2 — More Than a Child
The birth of Christ represents power, hope, and salvation.

Week 3 — The Gift Exchange
The greatest gift that we can receive and share is the Spirit of Christ.

Week 4 — God Has Wants Too
All to often we fail to consider God’s wants.