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ASCEND The Mountains That Made Me

Credits: 20
Credits: 20

Big Idea — This series will focus on the various mountain experiences that shaped Moses’ walk with God and his development as a Christian and a leader.

• Week 1 — Mount Horeb: The Burning Bush We all must have a personal burning-bush experience and learn the fundamentals to being used by God.

• Week 2 — Mount Sinai: Moses’ Experience with God People who choose to meet God and spend time in His presence will be changed by those experiences and become agents of change among God’s people.

• Week 3 — Mount Sinai: Covenant and Relationship What sustains us as believers is our willingness to walk with God, study His Word, and obey, despite what the rest of the world is doing.

• Week 4 — Mount Pisgah: A View of the Promise Even though sin prevented Moses from possessing the promise of God in his life, we can learn from his mistakes and make certain we will take possession of all the wonderful things God wants for us.